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Four Tapes or More £7 Each
Three Tapes £8 Each
Two Tapes £10 Each
Single Tape £12
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Video Tapes to MP4 Prices
MP4s are suitable for playing on TVs, Tablets, Computers, Telephones and all modern devices.
Video Tapes to DVD Prices
As a legacy format, a DVD will need to be played on a DVD player or an older computer that still supports optical drives.

Video Tapes To DVD or MP4 Conversions

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Cost per Tape - Conversion to MP4
1 Tape £10.00
2 Tapes £9.00 each
3 Tapes £8.00 each
4 or more £7.00 each
Cost per Tape - Conversion to DVD
1 Tape £12.00
2 Tapes £10.00 each
3 Tapes £8.00 each
4 or more £7.00 each
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Supported tape formats explained below.

VHS, VHS-C and S-VHS tapes are supported.

Video Home System was developed by JVC in the 1970s as a means of recording TV programs at home. Previously, only TV studios had possessed such technology.
Unfortunately, the magnetic tape in these cassettes will degrade over time and the recordings will become gradually corrupted.


MiniDV is a digital format that is recorded onto magnetic tape. Larger versions of this tape were used within the broadcasting industry - though MiniDV found it's way into professional use too.
The two tape manufacturers were Sony and Panasonic (Panasonic made the tapes for TDK, Canon an others) The two brands used a different form of lubrication on their tapes. Sony used a wet lubrication and Panasonic used a dry one. Using one brand's tapes on the other's equipment was said to cause quality issues. Sony eventually switched to a dry lubrication.


Video8, Hi8 and Digital8 tapes are supported.

These formats were developed by Sony.
Video8 was the earliest of these formats. It's an analog system and has a resolution of 220 horizontal lines. this resolution matches VHS, though Video8 had better sound quality than early VHS.
Hi8 represented an increase in resolution to 400 horizontal lines. Though it uses the same size tapes, improvements in the grade of the magnetic tape and enhanced recording techniques allowed for an almost doubling of the resolution. Digital sound was also introduced to some models of camera.
Digital8 is the digital version of the previous two formats. It uses the same recording standard as the more popular MiniDV, but allows some camcorders to be backwards compatible with Video8 and Hi8 which could be an advantage to anyone progressing from these earlier systems.

Digital formats explained below.

DVDs were developed by Panasonic, Philips, Sony, and Toshiba in 1995. The disc can store any type of digital information, but is commonly used for watching video recordings via a domestic DVD player. The format has largely come to the end of it's era and has been superseded by a number of modern formats that offer more versatility and quality.


The Mp4 video file is more modern and versatile than the DVD video format.
It is suitable for being played on media players, televisions, computers, tablets, telephones and can be streamed on websites.
We can provide MP4s on Disc, USB Sticks, or you can download them from us via a link that we can email to you.

For orders of Ten tapes or more, there's no charge for collection and delivery.
For orders of less than ten tapes, there is a £5 charge for this service.

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