Spalding Flower Parade (1970s)

Digitised from a reel of standard 8mm cine film. Some of the cement splices hadn't aged well so the edits were redone by removing the damaged frames digitally. Some of the camera shake was reduced with digital stabilisation.

A Day Out (1966)

Standard-8 cine film extract from home-move reel. Stabilisation has been applied in order to remove some of the shake and choppiness of the hand-held panning.

Digital Video Restoration

This clip was taken from a short reel of standard 8mm cine film. Although the film was cleaned, some of the dirt was ingrained in the emulsion and more rigorous cleaning would have degraded the film. The clip was digitally restored by manually removing the dirt from each frame, and the footage was then stabilised to counter the shaky camera-work (common to hand-held cine cameras).
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