Audio Cassettes Converted to MP4 or CD

Audio Formats 

Modern Formats:    

Audio Cassettes can be converted to any format you wish
The most common are listed below:
  • MP3 - The most popular and universally playable format.
  • WAV - Useful if you wish to edit your audio.
  • FLAC - Smaller file sizes than WAVs, but same quality.

The cost of converting cassettes to any modern format is £5 per cassette.

Legacy Formats: 

We still support the CD format
CDs can hold 80 minutes of audio and the cost of converting a cassettes to a CD is £5.

Material will be provided on an optical disc (CD or DVD), and can be downloaded from our server, too.
If you would like your files saved to a memory stick, you can either provide your own, or we can provide one for £6.

There are two methods of using our audio cassette service:

  1. Bring your tapes to our shop (address below).
  2. Post them to the address below.
If you choose to post your tapes, please ensure that you have packed them securely.
If you choose to bring them to us in person, please take note of our opening times below.

Payment Method for orders sent through the post

Payment for tapes received by post is very simple.
Upon completion of your order we will send you a link, via email, to our secure payment page allowing you to pay for your order using debit card, credit card or PayPal.
Postage and packaging costs £3 for all orders returned by post.

A map indicating our location can be found here

Broadstone Mill
Broadstone Road

If visiting our shop, you'll find us upstairs in Broadstone Mill Shopping Outlet.

Opening Times
Monday 9.30 till 17.30
Tuesday 9.30 till 17.30
Wednesday CLOSED
Thursday 9.30 till 17.30
Friday 9.30 till 17.30
Saturday 9.30 till 17.30


Audio Cassette Conversion Enquiries

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If you have any questions regarding our audio tape conversion service, please enter them in the box above.
Enter either your email address or telephone number depending upon how you would like us to contact you.

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