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India Passport and Visa Photo Service

Indian Visa, Passport, OCI and PIO Photos

Visa photos are 50x50mm or 2 x 2 inches.
Passport photo regulations for India vary according to which official Indian government website you consult. In most cases they can be printed as 35mm by 45mm which is the most common international size. Sometimes 51x51mm or 35x35mm can be specified. We will print to whatever size photograph your application form requires.
  • Glasses can be left on if they do not show any reflections
  • Facial expression must be neutral
You can come to our studio before noon without an appointment on any day of the week, or you can book an afternoon appointment by calling
or by using the booking form below.
If you cannot attend our studio, you can upload your own photographs using the form further down this page, and we will convert them to the required standard.

All Indian photo sets cost £9.00

You will receive a set of 4 photographs (additional sets cost £3.00 per set).
(or phone)
(or phone)
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If you'd prefer, you can just email your photo or photos to
Just state the country and any other details you consider relevant. It is best to send a few photographs. That way we can pick the one that is most suitable. Once we have received your suitable photos, we will send you a payment link and post your photos on receipt of payment.

The Studio

Our studio lies between Stockport and Manchester and our customers come from across the Northwest of England, whilst our online customers are located around the world.
For studio passport photos, your prints will be ready within ten minutes of having your photo taken.
We show you the photo on the camera's screen and we will take several more if you are not completely happy with the image.
Once you are happy with your picture, you can browse around the store for ten minutes, or go for a coffee in the cafe or the tea rooms, while we process your photographs.

Glossary of Terms:

Overseas Citizenship of India.
A foreign national, who was eligible for Indian citizenship on 26th January 1950 or belonged to a territory that became part of India after 15th August 1947 and his/her children and grand children are eligible for OCI. A person who may have been a citizen of Pakistan or Bangladesh will not qualify.
Person of Indian Origin
This card allows visa-free travel in India.
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Our studio is located between Manchester and Stockport. Our studio customers come from across the northwest of England.