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Baby Passport and Visa Photo Service

Baby & Children - Passport and Visa Photos

Passport photo regulations for babies and children (children under the age of five) are usually less strict than for adults (depending upon the country). The guidelines below represent the UK passport regulations for baby and child photos, and represent a common international standard. If the regulations for your country are different we will, of course, adhere to your own nation's requirements. We are familiar with all of the passport photo regulations around the world.
  • A neutral expression is not essential.
  • The baby's head need not be completely straight.
  • Young children are not required to look directly at the camera.
You can come to our studio before noon without an appointment on any day of the week, or you can book an afternoon appointment by calling
or by using the booking form below.
If you cannot attend our studio, you can upload your own photographs using the form further down this page, and we will convert them to the required standard.

Children's passport photos cost the same as adults.

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Passport & Visa Photographs

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Or Just Email Your Photos

If you'd prefer, you can just email your photo or photos to
Just state the country and any other details you consider relevant. It is best to send a few photographs. That way we can pick the one that is most suitable. Once we have received your suitable photos, we will send you a payment link and post your photos on receipt of payment.
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Passport Photo Prices

UK: £6
Canada: £9
India: £9
United States: £9
Australia: £9
Poland: £9
Ireland: £6
Germany: £9
Finland: £9
Brazil: £9
Holland: £9
China: £9
All Other Countries: £9
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Baby Passport Photo Requirements

You don't need to worry about these specifications. If you're coming to our studio, we take care of all of these requirements. If you are uploading your images, we will ensure that they conform to the regulations. You only need to follow the simple rules below:
  • When shooting the photo yourself, choose a background that is plain and light such as a sheet we will convert it to the necessary colour and tone.
  • The baby should be facing the camera (as in the samples on the left).
  • Regulations vary from country to country. For Britain, babies can have their eyes closed if they are under one year old; other countries are not so lenient, so you are best to capture a photo with the baby's eyes open if you are unsure.
  • Your camera flash should be enabled to give a proper exposure.
  • You should use a camera rather than a telephone.
When uploading your photos, it's best to send us a few different images so that we can choose the most suitable.

The Studio

Our studio lies between Stockport and Manchester and our customers come from across the Northwest of England, whilst our online customers are located around the world.
For studio passport photos, your prints will be ready within ten minutes of having your baby's photo taken.
We show you the photo on the camera's screen and we will take several more if you are not completely happy with the image.
We are very patient with babies, toddlers and infants, and we know how best to cope with all of the different characteristics exhibited by them.
Once you are happy with your picture, you can browse around the store for ten minutes, or go for a coffee in the cafe or tea rooms, while we process your photographs.
There are toilets, changing rooms, refreshments and various departments of the store to visit in the short time it takes to process your prints.
The store has a lift as well as stairs, so you can explore the entire shopping outlet even if you have a pushchair or pram.
UK-Photo, Broadstone Mill, Broadstone Rd, Reddish, Stockport, SK5 7DL • TEL:
Our studio is located between Manchester and Stockport. Our studio customers come from across the northwest of England.